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Welcome to Party Swinger Sex the website dedicated to swingers both experienced and the curious. I have been a participating female on the swinger scene for a few years now and I have been to my fair share of outside dogging venues. The main aim of this site is to help put swingers in touch with each other through a series of special dating style data bases (which I am linked directly into). Not dating in the sense of love and romance but open minded consenting adults who are looking for more spice than commitment.

One person asked me how quick does this site update when new members join? Immediatly is the answer to that one and because I am not part of a large organization I am not committed to just the one data base. I am hooked into swinger, couples, wife swaps and alternative dating sites from all over the world and when they update Party Swinger Sex also does so automatically.

Hopefully you will find Party Swinger Sex a usefull resource for information and a site that will also help educate those that are curious with the swinging scene. Through the various pages on this site and through my blog you will find that I also share a little inside knowledge from a female perspective. My blog section is constantly being updated as I speak to other women, men and couples who are willing to share their stories, video samples, pictures and upcoming events.

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My random selection: Below is a very random selection of just four adverts plucked straight out of the Find Hot Sex - Female personals data base. Why not try refreshing the page and the chances are a new selection will appear or better still begin your search by clicking the Find Hot Sex link below. Hopefully you will also notice that the adverts are close to your present location, just like magic I hear you cry!! Searching all of the adult personals on this site are free and in most cases all that is required to join is a valid email address.

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UK Swingers
UK Swingers