Dogging is a British sexual phenomenon that just keeps increasing in popularity. The sex craze which originated in the 1970s has been given widespread publicity due to the promotion of dogging porn on the net. With the help of the big world wide web dogging locations and dates are much more widely available.

So what is dogging and what exactly do doggers do?? Dogging involves exhibitionist swinging couples & solo guys and girls meeting up at "dogging sites". These sites are typically secluded outdoor spots such as car parks, local parks & woodlands for outdoor sex at predefined times in the knowledge that they will be watched by voyeurs willing to join in if asked.

Most of the time the couples are inside their cars, maybe with the window or doors open. It is quite common that one of the doggers (people watching) are asked to join in and create a threesome or to make love to another mans wife/husband while the partner watches. Both straight & gay dogging sites exist so you need to ensure you are going to a dogging site that caters to your sexuality!!

You can call the number above and access events, dates and locations in your area or you can search our personals data base for men, women and couples who are looking for dogging fun!!

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